3d Set Design and photorealistic Room Render was created for TCS Summit and Banks Sadler in 2012. The room and flooring was truly stunning. To not obscure the flooring the client requested entirely transparent seating. The scene was created, lit and rendered in 3DS Max.

3D Set Visuals

Whether you are looking to illustrate your existing Set Designs or need some creative input, I can help you visualise your plan.

I can design sets of all sizes, from small single-screen sets, large multi-screen sets to any other type of event where a large build is involved.

My designs enable you to see a full 3D mock-up of your event, with full Graphics and Lighting in place before the physical build-up and Camera Fly-throughs can also give you a better impression of how your event will appear to your customers.

Rendered set visuals are normally supplied in a tif or jpeg format and animated set visuals are submitted in mov or avi format.